About Faculty of Law


Afyon Kocatepe Faculty of Law is one of the youngest and most dynamic member of all law faculties of Turkey. The Faculty was established in 2010 and begin it’s progress in 2012.

The Faculty, which will have its first graduates by the year of 2018, promises a warm learning environment of law with competent academic staff and well-educated assistant academicians. One of the distinctive characters of the Faculty is it’s effective law education in terms of one on one relationships established between the academics and students who are few in number compared to other law faculties. Afyon Kocatepe Faculty of Law, with its warm family environment, is in progress of serving as a model for other law faculties within the context of seeking solutions to any problem the student might have and making efforts to their ideals.

Although it may be considered as a young faculty, eleven postgraduate seminars have been organized since it’s establishment. In addition to these, Mining Law Symposium and Mecelle (Ottoman Code of Civil Law) Symposium have been successfully organized for the first time in Turkey. In 2017, The 2nd Contemporary Issues of Private Law and Civil Justice Symposium has been arranged with a broad participation. It is intended to carry out this symposium to an international level in the coming years.

Afyon Kocatepe Faculty of Law is located in “ANS Campus” of Afyon Kocatepe University. Besides it’s modern education building with all facilities, the students may obtain legal publications from the Central Library, which is wealthy in legal sources. The Central Library also enables remote access to students in order to reach to sources in English through its subscriptions to databases like Heinonline by using their “aku” e-mail addresses obtained from the University.

Erenler District, which may be considered as a “student village”, is located just across Afyon Kocatepe Faculty of Law and provides wide and various accomodation possibilities. In the same district, there are many places to explore for students in order to socialize and entertain. In the Campus, some semi-private and state dormitories are also found. Accomodation is not a problem in Afyon.

The city of Afyon is recognized as an interception point of highways. In this sense, the holiday center of Antalya and capital Ankara are 3 hours away by bus. Also, ski center Davraz may be reached in 2 hours and Eskişehir 1 hour 30 minutes by using the highway. The city of Afyon is also known as a center for thermal tourism. In this context, it is one of the richest cities of Turkey with facilities of hotels, swimming pools and hot springs. In the city there are two big shopping malls, which are Park Afyon and Afium.

Afyon Kocatepe Faculty of Law with its academics, who have a good command of the English language, aims to provide you legal thinking skill with a comparative perspective. As may be seen below, our Erasmus English lecture package is designed specifically to realize this aim.

We welcome you all to Afyon Kocatepe Faculty of Law.